A simple fact of life is that during the life of an average building any lift or escalator system which has been installed will need to be modernised or refurbished a number of times to achieve one or more of the following:

  • Improve reliability
  • Increase operating performance
  • Comply with current safety standards
  • Enhance aesthetical appearance

On many occasions the equipment owner reverts to the original manufacturer for this work, in the belief that they are the best and most competitive source for such an important investment. This is simply not accurate.

Crest Lifts offer a full range of mechanical, electrical and aesthetical solutions to upgrade existing older equipment. We can modernise any make of lift or escalator to an exceptional standard adhering to an agreed program of works and budget, at the same time minimising disruption to your building environment as work is undertaken.

To demonstrate our significant capabilities in this field please view our case studies page to gain an insight into the type of work we can undertake.